Architectural Design Inspirations

Whether you need a bath, wardrobe room or home theatre complete, Lorri will expose you to unique designs that will capture your personality.

Lorri always has your best interest in mind so if you are unable to be present during the building process, she will act as your agent with the builder.

Dianne Lorraine - Traditional Kitchens

Design ideas steeped in old world patina then combined with modern functionality.

Dianne Lorraine - Transitional Kitchens

These ideas use clean lines warmed with wood tones to create familiar classic detailing.

Dianne Lorraine - Contemporary Kitchens

Ideas for clean, minimalist, esthetics that set the stage for a carefree atmosphere.

Dianne Lorraine - Wardrobe

Ideas that turn a basic closet into a dream dressing room.

Dianne Lorraine - Bath Designs

Ideas to transform a typical bath into a personalized home spa.

Dianne Lorraine - Media Rooms

Ideas that bring the comforts of a private screening room into your own home.

Dianne Lorraine - Interior Detailing

Ideas for finishing touches that take any project to a polished finished design.

Dianne Lorraine - Millwork

Millwork ideas designed to integrate with the architectural details of the project.

Dianne Lorraine - Design Details

Ideas for resourcing the perfect details to reflect your own personal style.